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By clicking on "I Agree," you agree, warrant and covenant as follows:

MicroBike 2012 Release of Liability / Waiver (“Agreement”)

Dear MicroBike participant - Thank you for your interest! Before you choose whether to join the event as a Team Captain, Rider or Volunteer, please read the Release of Liability / Waiver below before proceeding to the next screen.

By clicking on “I Agree”, you agree, warrant and covenant as follows:

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in MicroBike 2012, its related events and activities (together “MicroBike 2012”):

1. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT CYCLING IS AN INHERENTLY DANGEROUS SPORT AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE DANGERS OF PARTICIPATING IN MICROBIKE 2012, whether as a team captain, rider, volunteer, or otherwise, and that participating in MicroBike 2012 exposes me to certain risks, which may include, but are not limited to illness, the possibility of serious physical and/or mental trauma or injury, such as but not limited to permanent paralysis, death, and damage to self and/or property, whether from exertion, weather conditions, the conditions of the course, vehicular traffic, and contact with other participants. I HEREBY ASSUME AND TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for any and all risk of harm, injury, illness, death, or damage to myself and/or my property that may occur in connection with my participation in MicroBike 2012, INCLUDING, by way of example, and not limitation: dangers associated with man made and natural jumps; the dangers of collision with pedestrians, vehicles, other riders, and fixed or moving objects; the dangers arising from surface hazards, including potholes, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, use of equipment or materials provided by the event organizer and others, THE RELEASED PARTIES OWN NEGLIGENCE, the negligence of others and weather conditions.

2. Although route maps, rest stops, refreshments, and other assistance may be made available during MicroBike 2012, I am solely responsible for my own health and safety. I represent and warrant that I am physically fit, and that, on the day of MicroBike 2012, I will participate in MicroBike 2012 only if I am physically fit and have adequately trained to do so. I agree to use good judgment in all aspects of my participation in MicroBike 2012, to behave appropriately, and to comply with the rules for participation, if any. I accept responsibility for the condition and adequacy of the equipment that I will use during my participation in MicroBike 2012. I will wear a helmet that can protect against serious head injury, and assume all responsibility and liability for the selection of such a helmet. I have no physical or medical condition which would endanger myself or others if I participate in MicroBike 2012, or would interfere with my ability to safely participate in MicroBike 2012. I agree to stop and request assistance if I experience any symptoms such as, but not limited to, dizziness, excessive fatigue, shortness of breath, pain, or any other conditions which would make it difficult or unsafe to continue.

3. In consideration of being allowed to participate in MicroBike 2012, I HEREBY, FOR MYSELF AND MY HEIRS, EXECUTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS, RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS AND FOREVER DISCHARGE Accion International, all sponsoring businesses and organizations, each city and town along the MicroBike 2012 route, their respective affiliates, employees, directors, trustees, officers, agents, volunteers, sponsors, coordinating groups, representatives, independent contractors, and officials as well as other participants (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability, causes of action, suits, judgments, debts, demands, damages, expenses (including attorney’s fees), or claims, INCLUDING CLAIMS RESULTING FROM THE RELEASED PARTIES’ NEGLIGENCE, of every nature and name whatsoever, for any injury, damage, death or other loss to me or my property in any way connected with or arising from my participation in MicroBike 2012, or travel to or return from MicroBike 2012.

4. I hereby grant permission for photographs, videos, and other images (collectively, the “Images”) to be taken of me during MicroBike 2012 and assign all rights and interests to the Images to Accion International. I understand that the Images may be used by Accion International and/or its designees in connection with its advertising, promotional and marketing activities, and for other purposes authorized by Accion International, including, but not limited to, use in direct mail marketing, print advertising, posters, billboard advertising, and the internet; all without any compensation to me.

5. This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with, the substantive laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts without giving effect to its principles of conflicts of laws. With respect to any suit, action or proceeding arising out of, relating to, or concerning this Agreement, I (i) irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, (ii) waive any objection which I may have at any time to the laying of venue of any suit, action or proceeding brought in any such court, (iii) waive any claim that such suit, action or proceeding has been brought in an inconvenient forum, and (iv) waive the right to object, with respect to such suit, action or proceeding, that such court does not have jurisdiction over me.

6. This Agreement is intended to be interpreted as broadly as permissible under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

7. I hereby attest that by accepting this Agreement and registering for MicroBike 2012, I have read, fully understand, and agree without exception to all the provisions, releases, and waivers outlined in this Agreement, and that I have agreed to it knowingly and voluntarily. I understand that this Agreement is a legally binding document that limits the legal liability of the Released Parties. I attest that I am at least 18 years of age, and if I am registering on behalf of a minor, that I am the minor’s parent or legal guardian and, as such, consent and agree to his/her release as provided above of all the Released Parties, and, agree on my behalf and my minor’s behalf to be bound by all provisions of this Agreement by virtue of my minor’s participation in MicroBike 2012.

This Agreement must be accepted prior to participation in MicroBike 2012.

I agree I decline

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